KONČAR Group holistic response to climate change

KONČAR Group holistic response to climate change

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Environment protection and sustainable development is of key importance because the majority of KONČAR equipment is installed directly in the environment (substations, hydropower plants, other power facilities or rolling stock). 

In 2020, KONČAR was the first Croatian organization to launch the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). We have defined an Environmental Management Policy, which is available at www.koncar.hr/en/ and which has been communicated to all employees. Efficient use of energy and greater use of renewables are essential for responding to climate urgency and reducing the overall carbon footprint of KONČAR. 


By publishing our Corporate Social Responsibility Reports according to Global Compact goals, we have been informing our customers, shareholders and employees about sustainable development for 15 years, raising awareness and improving communication with all stakeholders.

KONČAR consistently invests in infrastructure taking into account environmental criteria, e.g., upgrading hot water pipes which resulted in a decrease in heat losses at company HQ and manufacturing facilities. We have been continuously replacing lighting and installing LED lighting fixtures, at both Fallerovo šetalište and Borongaj premises.

The photovoltaic power plant at one of our main facilities generated 21.38 MWh of electricity, which was used for the facility’s self-supply. Consequently, CO2 emissions were reduced by 5.02 tonnes per year. 

KONČAR Group companies use the ZelEn product, i.e., energy produced solely from renewable sources. KONČAR was awarded a certificate for 2020 confirming that the Company was supplied with 56,576.00 MWh of electricity from renewable sources. This contributed to a total annual decrease in CO2 emissions of 13,285 tonnes.


By the end of 2020, the proportion of LED lighting fixtures at the facility had increased by 102% Y-O-Y. The measures have led to savings in electricity consumption by 44 MWh per year, representing a decrease of approximately 10.3 tonnes per year in CO2 emissions.

We have partnered up with our Italian customer and created a forest of “green transformers” by planting 398 beech trees in Calabria, Italy. Each of those planted trees will absorb 22 kg of CO2 per year and turn it into oxygen, and at the same time purify water and help maintain overall global biodiversity.

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KONCAR is the regional leader in power engineering and rail solutions and operates in the fields of energy, rail vehicles and infrastructure, industry, ICT and digitalization, with an accent on proprietary development and innovation, as well as laboratory testing and certification.

Sustainable Development Goals

E-WEB-Goal-12 (1)


KONČAR – Infrastructure and Services, KONČAR – Distribution and Special Transformers, HEP – Opskrba and EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)