Kids’ Lab – chemistry education program for kids aged 6 to 12 years

Kids’ Lab – chemistry education program for kids aged 6 to 12 years


Period of implementation of the project:

2017 – 2020


Kids’ education is the key to a sustainable society. BASF, as a leading chemical company and responsible corporate citizen of the world and in local communities, strives to leverage on its expertise in chemistry and focuses its social engagement efforts on initiatives aimed to foster interest in science among future generations, as well as to emphasize its importance in addressing vital global issues, such as climate protection and preservation of natural resources. Kids’ Lab is an exclusive project of BASF designed in cooperation with teachers, psychologists, child specialists and experts. The project’s aim is to create learning opportunities and encourage children to make discoveries applying scientific methods and skills. This will contribute to our common sustainable future.


Launch of BASF Kids’ Lab project in Ukraine in 2017 on the premises of the Museum of popular science and technology “Experimentanium”. In a specially equipped chemical laboratory, children become little scientists and discover the fascinating world of chemistry through simple and safe hands-on experiments. 

Kids’ Lab workshops are free of charge: BASF provides children with safe ingredients for experiments, real laboratory utensils, protective clothing, as well as manuals and journals helping children to better master the materials. After 1-1.5-hour trainings, participants receive a diploma and a workbook for further experiments, and teachers get ideas of what can be done at school lessons. 

Experiments for the project are designed according to BASF global strategy on CSR and sustainable development.

Because of The coronavirus pandemic made it impossible to conduct the Kids’ Lab educational program in the usual format, so during isolation the project went online, to the Facebook and Instagram pages of the “Experimentanium” Museum. The online version of the laboratory under the hashtag #stayathomechemistry continued to introduce children to the chemical nature of substances, supporting the theory with informative and simple experiments that can be easily repeated at home with available materials. More than 20 exciting experiments have been prepared for the online project, and view statistics show its high popularity among the subscribers. 


Since launch of the project, more than 250 workshops were conducted for over 3,000 schoolchildren from all Kyiv districts. The interactive experiments got positive feedback from both teachers and parents. The children’s feedback is that they have discovered a new science – chemistry and look forward to exploring it further.

BASF annually invests 5,000-6,000 Euro into the project development in Ukraine.

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