Intelligent Management System for Integrated Multitrophic aquaculture (IMPAQT)

Intelligent Management System for Integrated Multitrophic aquaculture (IMPAQT)


Project implementation period:

2018 – 2021


Project has got 7 work package below:

  1. Framework specification and architecture design (Camli leading)
  2. Autonomous data acquisition and communication systems
  3. IMTA Model and Integrated Management System
  4. Integration, pilots implementation and lab/in situ validation
  5. Sustainability and Circular Economy approach
  6. Dissemination, communication, exploitation and training activities
  7. Overall project management and coordination

IMTA(Integrated multitrophic aquaculture) system is fish, mussels and seaweed production that has a special goal to reduce the environmental impact of fishing.  The system design is very important and species need to be positioned with the main water flow. 

Other issues are the deployment of  sensors, smart systems and Intelligent Management System


Average Trophic index (TRIX) and an increase in carrying capacity; Camli continues regular TRIX analyses based on the nutrients and dissolved oxygen level in water. Fish production releases nutrients to the surrounding environment and IMPAQT will improve the trophic index, supported by ecosystem  modelling in  terms of minimizing the environmental impact and optimising the lay-out of the farm regarding production, specifically for extractive aquaculture and IMTA set-ups.

Environmental impact reduction; Camli is modelling the carrying capacity of the area and determining the capacity expansion without having nutrient increase. Chlorophyll, oxygen, temperature, turbidity, salinity, and nitrogenous compounds levels are monitored by sensors.  There will be satellite observations to check and control chlorophyll and nutrient load in the area.

Feed loss; Production efficiency is calculated and monitored with the Intelligent systems which warn the operator before problems occur. Observing fish appetite while they are fed is very important to  start, stop and reduce the feed loss. 

Production costs; Camli is aiming to reduce the production cost having additional income from the other unfed IMTA species while reducing environmental impact.

Increase labour productivity and positive socio-economic impact; Key Socio-Economic Impact Indicators (KSEII) will be measured  together with the evaluation of KSEII in the current situation (as baseline) for the industrial pilots. Obstacles and adverse consequences are possible, as well as proposing plans to prevent or reduce them.


Impaqt will provide better estimates of the overall costs  and benefits of IMTA to the ecosystem including the business, the environment, the species and the food products that should be provided to create financial and regulatory incentives for industry and government to invest in the IMTA approach.

Impaqt will provide a multi-purpose, multi-sensing and multi-functional management platform for sustainable IMTA production. The project will go a step beyond the IMTA system, by providing technologies and innovations to manage the IMTA system properly to increase sustainability, production volumes and quality, and in the end the business case. Project has several results since it was started 18 month ago listed below;

  1. IMTA designs for offshore, inshore, freshwater sites are completed in 6 pilot projects.
  2. Data aggregator, integrated autonomous data acquisition systems, and energy management systems are designed and used in these projects.
  3. Environmental impact assessment studies , Trophic index evaluations are started. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology has been set up to be used for each pilot project.

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