IFRS training program for university teachers by EY specialists

IFRS training program for university teachers by EY specialists


Period of implementation of the project: 

May 2018 – November 2019


The problem of some teachers of universities is the lack or insufficiency of practical experience. Nowadays, such a practice-oriented discipline as “Accounting” cannot be taught only on a theoretical basis. The background used by teachers in preparing for lectures is sometimes outdated, and sources of updated information are not always obvious. International standards of accounting and financial reporting are subject to periodic updates, and their use in practice has many nuances. The gap between the lecture in the university and the subsequent use of the acquired knowledge is often significant. Thus, there is a need to provide up-to-date information and skills in the practical application of accounting and financial reporting standards to teachers to improve the level of training of students majoring in “Accounting and Taxation”.


The task set by the project partners was to select a group of motivated teachers of the disciplines “Accounting”, “Taxation”, “Audit”, “Finance”, “Business Economics”, “Banking”, “Insurance” among the teachers of Ukrainian universities, to conduct for them series of trainings from EY specialists, to review international financial reporting and accounting standards that have changed in recent years, to discuss the peculiarities of their practical application, to develop skills in performing real practical tasks. The program “International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS): content and practical application” included topics that the teachers themselves identified as the most relevant. Between trainings, program participants performed tasks for self-study. It is important to provide teachers with practical information and inspiration to update the materials they use in training programs for young professionals in accounting and taxation. That is, the most important task is to transfer new knowledge and skills from high-class specialists of a multinational company through an experienced teacher to students – future specialists who will come to the real sector of the economy tomorrow.


Overall, from May 2018 to November 2019, two 3-module programs “International Financial Reporting Standards: Content and Practical Application” were conducted for teachers of the disciplines “Accounting”, “Taxation”, “Audit”, “Finance”, “Business Economics”,” Banking “,” Insurance “.

The program was taught by two specialists from the company: a senior audit manager and a manager-lecturer at the EY Business Academy.

56 teachers from 11 universities of seven cities of Ukraine joined the program.

According to the participants, they praised the opportunity to communicate with practitioners – specialists in the field of accounting and auditing, representatives of an international company. Participation in the trainings helped them to better understand the important issues of financial analysis and accounting. The materials received during the trainings were included by the teachers in the programs of lectures, seminars and practical classes for students, helped to develop new modern courses, create educational and methodological support of relevant disciplines (reference notes, workshops, tests, guidelines for independent student work. Graduate teachers of the Program actively carry out research on international financial reporting standards and international accounting standards, participate in scientific and practical conferences, and publish research results in specialized publications.

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