Trash Hunter Game

Trash Hunter Game


Period of implementation of the project: 

Ongoing since September 2021


Together with our partner organization “No Waste Ukraine” we want to change the paradigm of eco-education in relation to sorting and recycling of waste, by making it more engaging, fun and memorable for everyone. Moreover, we want to build an educational platform that is easy to access and use both alone and together with friends, children or even during the classwork or eco-seminars. 


Considering that the gamification is one of the top current trends in education, as well as taking into account the ever-growing digitalization of all spheres of life, we have created our educational platform in the form of a digital game with catchy graphics, storyline, characters and game mechanics – all that can keep the users’ attention while giving them an important information about responsible ways of waste handling. This is the first time in Ukraine when useful and relevant information about sorting and recycling of waste has received a form of a digital game with engaging content for a broad audience.

The game is web-based (no apps or programs, just Internet connection), so it can be projected onto a large screen or shared with others while talking about waste management. It is a ready-to-use presentation for everyone who wants to educate in a non-standard way.

The game’s storyline: the eco-ranger is hunting trash in open space for recycling and suddenly is confronted by cosmic waste-monsters that also quest for trash – their favourite food. The game consists of several missions: plastic, glass, paper, metal, compost, household hazardous waste. Each mission contains an educational and practical part.  To make the educational part real fun, the user meets different waste-monsters and learns about their food preferences. In the practical part the user needs to feed the waste-monster, by swiping in its mouth the exact recyclable it loves. The user will earn points for every completed mission, which will define his/her position on a ranking list. 

By educating people about proper waste management, we create a basis for a successful circular economy. Our web-game can be easily replicated in other countries. The adaptation will just require a translation of the game’s materials. 



The game has been actively promoted in Ukraine in social media channels since September 2021. At the current moment 4 030 people have played the game, and it is planned to reach 23 000 people who will play the game within the first wave of the game’s promotion. 

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Pernod Ricard Ukraine was established in 2000 as the official affiliate of a global group Pernod Ricard on the territory of Ukraine. The Company imports, distributes and promotes premium alcoholic beverages produced by Pernod Ricard, as well as it creates the responsible drinking culture and implements sustainable practices at all stages of its business in Ukraine.

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