Green Belt

Green Belt

Прапор Хорватії

Period of implementation of the project: 

From 2014 on-going


We are witnessing the degradation of our  natural capital. Lots of civil society  organizations, public educational institutions,  voluntary fire brigades and other civil  associations have great ideas to help restore  our natural capital but lack support, both in  economic and manpower. That is why INA introduced Green Belt program to help  local society boost their environmental  protection projects into action.


In order to raise awareness of the importance  of sustainable development, INA launched  the Green Belt program in 2014, in which it  invited civil society organizations, public  educational institutions (schools,  kindergartens, colleges), voluntary fire  brigades and nature parks to work together to  contribute to the preservation of the  environment in local communities. The areas of  the project activity that are acceptable are:  

Climate change, Protection of biological  diversity, 

Protection of soil, sea and inland  waters by preventing pollution, 

Stakeholder  education with an emphasis on young people  who change behavior by creating a positive  impact on the environment, 

Innovations that  introduce practices that save resources,  reduce waste, save energy, 

Cleaning of public areas, lakes, rivers, the sea, including  the revitalization of the sea shore with an  emphasis on waste disposal without, for  example, deforestation of natural  ecosystems that disrupt biodiversity, 

Caring  for school gardens, orchards and eco-areas  and arranging them exclusively through the  planting of perennial and possibly indigenous  plants with an emphasis on preserving or  increasing biodiversity and equipping  elements exclusively from natural and  ecological materials, 

Non-formal educational  activities on environmental, nature and  climate protection intended for local  communities,

Exhibitions on environmental  protection.


Since 2014 by co-financing 111 projects (with  over HRK 2.2 million) there were 8,137  planted seedlings of trees, flowers and plants  on a surface of 65,424 m2. Thanks to the project  implementation green paths were arranged,  rest areas and children’s playgrounds were  renovated, meadows, forests, the seabed,  coast, lakes and rivers were cleaned. Also, shelters for animals were renovated,  classrooms in nature were opened, and the  work of student cooperatives and education  on ecology was supported.

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INA, d.d. is a medium-sized European oil company with a leading role in Croatian oil business and a strong position in the region in the oil and gas exploration and production, oil processing, and oil and oil products distribution activities. INA manages a regional network of more than 500 service stations in Croatia and neighboring countries.

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