Period of implementation of the project: 

6/25/2019 – 7/12/2019


“Grantspołeczni” is a program under which the employees of GK PKP Energetyka apply for a grant in the amount of PLN 3000 to support their local community’s initiative. The source of ideas are employees, who submit them together with partners (schools, associations, foundations) in order to streamline functioning in their area and support civic activities.

The team pursuing an initiative must consist of at least 3 people and at least one must be employed with PKP Energetyka. A community partner, i.e. a non-profit organization, must also be involved in the idea. The biggest challenge for the company is to motivate employees to want to take part in the program, which fully relies on their commitments.


As a company we are present all over Poland, both in metropolitan and rural areas, hence our duty is to support positive economic, social and environmental links between urban, per-urban and rural areas by strengthening national and regional development planning. Funds are distributed to projects chosen by our employees who are active in local communities to ensure a match with their actual needs. Selected projects might be connected with issues such as to safeguard the local cultural heritage or enhancement of inclusive and sustainable urbanization. Projects aim to increase standards of living across local communities in cities and rural areas. We want to support access to safe, green public spaces, in particular for women and children. The secondary goal supported indirectly through projects is good health and well-being.


As part of the “Grantspołeczni” program:

  •       employees have submitted 20 ideas for the improvement of life in their local community
  •       the jury has awarded 11 initiatives with grants for the total amount of PLN 30,000
  •       all projects were implemented as per the applications submitted

This allowed e.g. children and adolescents from small communities to have their own mobile robotics mini-lab, which was created at the primary school. The lab purchased a specialized set of tools for the children to learn how to build and program simple robots.

Other winning projects included:

  1. Improving awareness of child safety on the Internet and Internet dependency by organizing workshops for children and their parents
  2. Independence Day in a small town on hiking, running and cycling routes.
  3. Extension of the electrical and lighting system (Gniezno Roundhouse)
  4. Adaptation the primary school’s patio to become a “green haven”
  5. Sport opportunities of my neighborhood
  6. Nursery school children cycling
  7. Healthy spine!!!
  8. Volleyball sports tournament
  9. Sun protection canopy over the sandbox in the nursery school’s garden
  10. Villagers getting to know high culture

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Company: Grupa Kapitałowa PKP Energetyka

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About the company: 

PKP Energetyka is Poland’s leader in the traction network construction and maintenance services and in railway power engineering. It has been present on the Polish market since 2001 and is owned by one of the world’s largest investment funds – CVC Capital Partners. 

Sustainable Development Goals



Nursery school no. 54 in Warsaw

WitaLis Association

“Victoria” Banner Scout Youth Primary School no. 359 in Warsaw

“FOR THE VILLAGE” Rural Development Association

Stowarzyszenie Ziemia Aktywnych [Land of the Active Association

Public nursery school no. 11 in Rzeszów

Associations of the Friends of Primary School no. 1 in Kartuzy

Gniezno Roundhouse

Landladies and Landlords Association in Bartniki

Słowikor Development Station

“VICTORIA” School Sports Club at the Public Gymnasium no. 2 in Włoszczowa