#forgetaboutage (#забутипровік)

#forgetaboutage (#забутипровік)


Period of implementation of the project:

2019 – on-going


#forgetaboutage (#забутипровік) is the large-scale social action campaign against ageism towards older people. Its launch was based on the researches showing that stereotypes that older people cannot be creative, adapt new occupations or start learning something new are deeply rooted in Ukraine. 


  1. Raise public awareness on the existence and extent of the problem of age discrimination and promote the public image of 1+1 media as a company that fights ageism.
  2. Engage thought leaders: bring together experts who will explain the issues and develop ways for fighting ageism; tell the stories of successful Ukrainians aged 50+ who will become topic ambassadors.
  3. Launch an internship program for older candidates and motivate them to send their CVS to an employer.
  4. Inspire Ukrainian leading companies to launch anti-age discrimination initiatives as part of the employer’s own brand development.


A recruitment for the internship program for older candidates has started in May 2019. The main selection criteria were age 50+, direct or indirect background in the industry and desire to grow in the media industry. 8 vacant positions were selected from different areas: reception secretary, 1+1 copywriter, guest editor of Snidanok z 1+1, editor of major entertainment shows, casting editor of 1+1 Production projects, PR-manager, corporate social responsibility manager, screenwriter&editor. In a month, 1,835 CVs with motivational videos were received. 

In this way, 10 interns were selected. In the course of the 2-month internship, the interns received an incentive stipend for their work in the structural units. Additionally, extra funds in the amount of UAH 1,500 per month were credited to their employment passes for payments in a corporate cafe. During the project implementation, a photo exhibition was held with participants of the series of motivational stories. The interns participated in the company’s mass events, filming and creative sessions, tours of the sets and offices of the company, attended a training course of Media & Production High School in which the best 1+1 media speakers lectured to interns every week throughout the internship program.

The internship program ended with a graduation party involving the delivery of diplomas and encouragement gifts, as well as letters of recommendation from mentors. 

The main motivational component of the project was a series of stories and photo reports with successful Ukrainians. As part of this initiative, 40 interviews were carried out with representatives of various industries.


  • Due to the set of stories and TV promo-video, Digital-efficiency project, the campaign covered a total of 11 million Ukrainians. Since its launch to September 27, more than 1,000 publications about the project had been posted on websites with total coverage of 100,000 and 20 episodes on TV covering 10,000,000 people. 
  • Campaign digital-efficiency: more than 1 million of total coverage on social media pages, more than 300,000 views of 10 interviews on Snidanok z 1+1. More than 50 reviews on the project were received which were posted on social media and sent to the corporate mail of the project
  • 12 text expert interviews and 4 video interviews as part of Snidanok z 1+1 were published; 40 famous Ukrainians from various fields and 14 project interns became project participants.
  • 1835 applications and motivational video profiles were received from which 14 candidates were selected for 8 different areas.
  • 20 companies became committed partners of the project. Agreements have been reached with two partners to create special projects

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