Project “Follow the Smile”

  Project “Follow the Smile”

Прапор Білорусі

Period of implementation of the project: 

Spring – Summer 2021


Lack of social involvement of  people with disabilities and older people in social activities.


To make inclusive traveling in  Belarus a reality, involve and encourage groups of different people to travel together. Groups,  including people with  disabilities and the  elderly, will  become  travelers and show that  together everything is  possible.


  1. We proved that travelling for everyone is possible!
  2. We have created/improved the conditions for the  accessibility of various places  such as beaches, museums,  ecological paths, etc. for people with  disabilities and older people. For  example, a ramp, an inclusive toilet,  a bridge, a lift, etc.
  3. We have created virtual infrastructure to make it possible for everyone to repeat the same trips. Specifically, we have created a chat bot in TG which helps to find fellow  travelers with whom to go on the  described journeys. Also we have created a site which contains a lot of useful information related to inclusiveness, such as:
  • Life hacks;
  • Itineraries presentation with map and pictures;
  • Motivational stories of our heroes;
  • Link to chat bot in TG.

Category: Peace

Company: PepsiCo Products, FLLC


About the company: 

PepsiCo Products, FLLC –  business unit of transnational FMSG PepsiCo Company in Belarus, imports and distributes within the country food products under well-known brands, such as Lays, Pepsi, 7up, Mirinda, Cheetos, Hrusteam, Sandora, Sadochok, Agusha, Chudo and etc.

Sustainable Development Goals



“DOBRA” Foundation, “OJ Group” LLC, Dab Creative Agency (LLC “DAB GLOBAL”).