Building Eco Culture in EPAM UA

Building Eco Culture in EPAM UA


Period of implementation of the project: 

2021 (unlimited)


  • At the moment of filling in the form 90% of EPAMers are working remotely, from home, three thousand of whom have joined since the beginning of the pandemic. 
  • Covid-crisis is stimulating the search for new innovative tools to build eco culture and develop responsible consuming habits. 
  • Remote work has shifted the emphasis of ecological responsibility from an office to  home. The new format demands more personal responsibility from people. 


  • Since 2018 there has been a team of eco activists at EPAM – the Green Team. They are united by common ecological values. The Team has created an online platform where users may exchange experience, tips and tricks to sort properly,  find discounts for EPAMers in the shops selling ecologically certified goods, find out addresses of places in their own cities where one can deliver waste for recycling, get info and participate in eco flash mobs dedicated to the Earth Day, Plastic Free July. 
  • The company perpetuates strengthening of eco culture also in the offline format, taking into consideration, of course, the Covid restrictions: in honor of Earth Day everyone willing at EPAM received seedlings to be planted personally. This new format has proven to be effective: an EPAM specialist takes responsibility to find a place for planting a seedling and taking care of it in future, and the company provides for purchasing, delivery of seedlings and caring instructions..
  • The online format of work allowed us to organise international events for the first time, enabling eco activists of EPAM from 12 countries to share their experience. 


. Nearly 1,5 thousand talents united thanks to new tools for building and developing eco culture in 2021. 

  1. 476 seedlings were planted by EPAM specialists together with their families and friends 
  2. An interactive online map has been created where all the trees under the protection of EPAM are marked.   
  3. An online eco library has been created available to all EPAM, where one can find info regarding ways and places of sorting, leave comments, find discounts for EPAMers in shops with ecologically certified goods, and research addresses of places in their own cities where the waste may be delivered for recycling. 

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