Energy Efficiency Finance Facility for Commercial Buildings (EEFFCB)

Energy Efficiency Finance Facility for Commercial Buildings (EEFFCB)


Period of implementation of the project: 

2020 – 2023


The major tasks of the project is providing the package of the technical assistance services to SMEs and MidCAPs in order to mobilize investments in the field of energy efficiency and RES. The projects is supposed to generate 800 projects until January 2023. The main challenge is to effectively reach large number of small and medium companies and encourage them to undertake such high number of green investments which especially in the time of economic slow-down and COVID-19 are not necessary top priority investments for many enterprises.


Based on the support from EU (under Horizon 2020, ELENA initiative) BNPP has created an internal team of Energy Experts whose role is to actively support Bank’s clients in the process of origination of energy efficiency and RES investments. The Bank has also contracted external Energy Consultant whose role is providing energy expertise to all the companies who are interested in improving their energy profile and in investments in clean energy technologies. The above mentioned actions are supported by the frequent marketing and promotion activities which generate the interest on the market in energy efficiency and renewable energy measures.

The SDGs are supposed to be achieved through combination  and intelligent use of all the above elements (support of Energy Experts, energy expertizes and promotion activities) all aiming at mobilization of the green investments that would be traditionally supported by the Bank in the form if investment loans or by other financial instruments such as guarantees. Such approach of the bank is unique on the market and can be considered as innovation in green financing.


  • Created  team of Energy Experts who will actively support clients
  • Concluded contract with external Energy Consultant whose role is providing energy expertise in implementing clean energy technologies
  • marketing  activities which generate the interest in energy efficiency and renewable energy measures are launched. 

We are expecting the following results:

    1. Mobilization of 800 investments in energy efficiency and RES worth EUR 90 mln, 
    2. Pprovide annual savings of 97.2 GWh/year • 
    3. RES generation: provide annual production of 4.8 GWh/year 
    4. Provide CO2 reductions: 29 200 t CO2 eq/year
    5. Spread of knowledge among SME and MidCAPs about energy efficiency, 
    6. Dissemination on the market the knowledge about best practices concerning energy efficiency and RES integrated with the commercial (and also industrial) buildings,

The results are expected to be achieved by January 2023. Additionally, in the EEFFCB is supposed to create the internal know-how in the BNP Paribas that would be used in the future to support further development of sustainability among companies.

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Company: BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA

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About the company: 

BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA is a universal bank listed on the WSE. It offers wide range of products to individual clients, Micro, SME and corporates (including agro sector companies).

Sustainable Development Goals



BGK (Polish Development Bank – the operator of the guarantee and grant scheme)

External Energy Consultants and Experts (a consortium of Polish energy entities)

Polish SMEs and MidCAPs (who are in fact the final beneficiaries)

BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA (the initiator and coordinator)

European Investment Bank