Ecomobility Summer

Ecomobility Summer


Period of implementation of the project: 

3 June — 31 August, 2021


Intellias believes in smart, eco-friendly cities.  Transportation is one of the key bottlenecks. Sustainable  mobility, especially the usage of a bike, allows to reduce  traffic, create no air pollution, and keep people healthy.  In Ukraine, bike culture and infrastructure are not well  developed. Another issue is road safety. It results in a  little number of people using bikes as a means of  transportation.  


We decided to address it on different levels. 

  1. Promotion started by launching IntelliBike Challenge. 5 ambassadors from 5 cities, that were new to cycling got branded bikes, became role models who took the  challenge of cycling every day.  

To engage more colleagues, we started IntelliBike  Flashmob and offered special reflective stickers for  riding and tracking rides in the Intellias Strava club.

At the end of the summer, we had a big raffle of useful  accessories for all participants. 

Also, we went on traditional corporate bike trips that  happened in four cities this year.  

To get a new perspective on mobility we organized short  movies screening Urban Mobility Shorts in partnership  with Wiz-Art. To engage broader audience, selection was  available online in Ukraine, US and Germany. 

Lviv’s main bicycle location IntelliBike Space was made  within City Workshop. We had a content part: IntelliBike  Ambassadors shared their experience, Lviv Cycling  Association with Bike Patrol explained traffic rules, Head  of transportation at Lviv City Council made a keynote  about mobility, the fun part with a thematic stand up, a  free bike workshop from MTB Stock, mapping of favorite  bike routes and a raffle of unique bike. 

  1. To increase road safety we organized online and  offline bike schools

Also, we got reflective stickers to make cyclists more  visible in darkness, and shared it with our colleagues,  event’s participants and partners.  

  1. We partnered with City Institute, joined focus groups, and collected favorite bike routes that will be taken into consideration while updating the Lviv bicycle concept to  contribute to infrastructure development.  

Intellias specialists mentored a team of Bootcamp by  Kharkiv IT-Cluster, who developed a prototype of an app  for beginners in cycling. 


5 Ambassadors cycled the whole summer. 

IntelliBike Challenge and Flashmob was held in 5  Ukrainian cities. 

123 Participants of Intellias Strava club. 

300+ people from Ukraine, Germany and USA watched  Urban Mobility Shorts. 

200+ Participants of offline events. 

101 Appearance in national, regional and local media. 97 900 people reached via social media.

Category: People

Company: Intellias


About the company: 

Intellias is one of the biggest Ukrainian IT companies with more than 2000 professionals. The company develops software solutions and provides professional services, specializing in the automotive industry, navigation systems, financial and telecommunications technologies. More than 2 billion people use tech products developed by Intellias engineers.

Sustainable Development Goals



Big Short, City Institute, City Workshop, Kharkiv IT  Cluster, Lviv Cycling Association, MTB Stock,,  Wiz-Art.