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Professional development of Deputy Directors for educational work, teachers who perform the functions of a class teacher, teacher-organizers “ALL-INCLUSIVE APPROACH TO ECONOMIC UPBRINGING OF TRAINEES»


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The main task of the project is to support electromobility and shared transportation solutions development on Polish market. Separately the development is difficult, because people do not buy e-cars because of lack of charging facilities and price and at the same time there is no facility because of small amount of e-car on the roads. Thanks to e-car sharing, people can drive e-cars in renting system and utilization of each car is high. After that also charging stations become worth-installing. We both put more zero-emission vehicles on the roads and increase social awareness of e-mobility and eco-transportation.

The suggested problem is the low level of readiness of teachers to master the basics of entrepreneurship.


Climate change is one of the biggest challenges and threats of the modern world. One answer to this problem is investment in electromobility. The economy of sharing is an additional global trend, which is also a form of response to care for the environment. Therefore, at ING Bank Śląski, being aware of this, we invest in both trends at the same time. Environmental protection and sustainable development are an important element of our long-term strategy. According to our Green Statement, the areas we support include projects on electromobility. We believe that the scope of these projects will be wider if we implement them with several partners. That is why we support various electromobility companies in development. Thanks to partnerships all over Poland, cars, scooters and kickscooters are available in sharing model. On the Polish market, no financial institution has been so strongly involved in the area of electromobility. Partnership with several companies causes that orange vehicles drive in the largest cities in Poland. Thanks to ING, many cities have access to electric vehicles for the first time in the idea of sharing economy. Not only bank’s customers, but all residents can use the vehicles which are in a free float all around the cities. Thanks to these activities, ING is consequently building its brand around idea of electromobility and sustainable transport.


In December 2018, together with Innogy, we undertook to jointly develop solutions for the integration of electromobility market services, including both financial and transactional services. Thanks to ING Bank Śląski support, Innogy was able to offer 500 electric cars in Warsaw in spring 2019 on a carsharing basis. It is the largest fleet of electric cars offered on a sharing basis in Europe. In December 2018, we launched, and then in 2019 we followed up the car-sharing pilot programme and launched the first electric vehicle charging stations in Katowice: 23 charging stations and 20 electric vehicles. All terminals can be used free of charge by the electric vehicle drivers. In May 2019, we established a partnership with to expand the public sharing service for scooters and electric scooters. We also started distributing vehicles with ING logo to several locations in Poland. 

In early 2020, ING acquired an 8.08% stake in Vooom – mobile app enabling to use different types of transport – public transport, shared vehicles and taxi, all of them in one place. The aim of the app is to make the ride easier and fit the way of transport to the route and at the end reduce amount of private cars in the cities.

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