Działaj z imPETem! (eng. Act with imPETus!)

Działaj z imPETem! (eng. Act with imPETus!)


Project implementation period:

On going, since 2018


In order for PET bottles to be recycled they have to be properly segregated and then sent to recyclers. The project most important tasks and challenges are: 

  • Ensuring that PET bottles are recycled: sending PET bottles to dedicated installations in cooperation with waste management entities.  
  • Increasing the environmental awareness of residents, regarding packaging waste segregation in households – cooperation with entities. 
  • Reaching the largest possible group of recipients with educational message
  • Engaging partners with educational activities – local education “at the source”
  • Finding innovative ways of educating the public – reluctance of residents for waste segregation
  • Identifying problems in regards to PET bottles segregation


The cooperation with over 100 waste management entities in order to separate PET bottles and sending them to dedicated installations for recycling

The identification of raw material loss areas:

  • Lack of proper skill and knowledge to segregate waste, reluctance
  • PET bottles burning in households – lack of environmental awareness, energy poverty 
  • Lack of proper educational activities that could be run by local entities that reach residents directly (municipalities, communal companies) 

The public education in raw material loss areas (in cooperation with various entities): 

  • Cooperation with municipalities and self-governments – support of their educational activities by supplying educational tools and materials, participation in local events, support of educational activities that are run on waste management plant premises, for example, by sending educational boards
  • PET bottle burning prevention in households – the educational activity that is run in cooperation with chimney sweepers 
  • Cooperation with waste management entities that can reach residents directly
  • Running of all-Poland educational programs for schools and kindergartens: sending to schools free educational materials that were prepared in cooperation with pedagogues and methodologists (various levels of difficulty, adjusted to the age of pupils) The fulfilment of educational contest with attractive prizes (interactive boards for classrooms)
  • Development of mobile educational zone – the innovative educational tool arranged in a trash truck and fulfillment of educational tour
  • Cooperation with entrepreneurs – retail chains that reach clients directly

Establishing the key partnerships.

The utilization of custom environmental education forms


  • This is the first and only project of such type in Poland – 4 competitors decided to act, above divisions, with the common goal
  • In 2 years (since the project started) we increased the amount of collected and recycled PET bottles in Rekopol’s system by approximately 32 %.
  • The project also had an impact on increasing collecting of PET in Poland (the increase of approximately 10 % in the year 2019 vs the year 2018)
  • We annually cover  at least 2000 primary schools with our educational activities (the amount of schools that participated in two editions of our all-Poland educational program) 
  • We educated over 400 000 pupils within the framework of all-Poland educational program for primary schools 
  • We annually  engage about 100 entities  – partners of educational activities (waste management entities, NGOs, chimney sweepers, municipal police, schools, municipalities, entrepreneurs, private individuals)
  • In 2 years’ period we educated almost 10 000 people by means of a mobile educational zone that was arranged in a trash track. 
  • Each year we fulfil several local educational projects, that are adjusted to region specific.
  • We develop educational materials and make them available ( free of charge) for interested entities – the materials are adjusted to recipients of different age groups and are shared, free of charge, for use in educational activities (posters, educational animations, videos, bookmarks, timetables, booklets, games, ideas for play)
  • In 2020 we launched the first edition of an educational contest for kindergartens.
  • The project arouses interest of all stakeholders, we acquire new partners, for example: Jeronimo Martins. We run educational activities in cooperation with new entities.

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Rekopol Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań S.A.


About the company:

  • Rekopol Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań S.A. is the only packaging recovery organization set up by the entrepreneurs that place products in packaging on the Polish market. It fulfils recovery and recycling obligation as well as obligation to conduct public educational campaigns. Rekopol runs public educational campaigns, concerning packaging waste segregation and conscious shopping (Non Waste Day, Segregation Culture, Act with imPETus!) Rekopol has 25 shareholders (both Polish and international enterprises) Among them there are producers, fillers, waste management entities and retail chains. Rekopol acts on a non-profit basis – the profit is invested in development of the selective waste segregation system

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