Don’t Drink & Drive

Don’t Drink & Drive


Period of implementation of the project:

From 2009 – Ongoing


The project is aimed to prevent drunk driving and to increase the level of responsible drivers as well as to reduce the number of road accidents caused by drunk drivers and to increase the level of safety on Ukraine’s roads.

  1. In particular, the goal is achieved through the introduction of an educational programme in driving schools, which helps to raise awareness among drivers about how alcohol affects the body and to encourage future graduates of driving schools to be responsible drivers.
    As a result we see the decrease of road accidents caused by drunk drivers. 
  2. Through the implementation of Drunk Busters Goggles, driving schools and Patrol Police of Ukraine offer drivers and everyone who is interested in the opportunity, in a sober state, to experience how alcohol affects body coordination and the severity of reactions between brain and body. Put on goggles to impress with the unique experience of “alcohol intoxication with the eyes”, as well as motivate people not to overestimate the abilities of their bodies and to avoid drunk driving.


National program “Don’t Drink & Drive” (“Vypyv? Za kermo ne siday!”) is implemented through 3 types of activities, which reach the target audience through the different communication channels.

  1. Educational program
    The main goal of this part of the project is to improve driving culture by implementing an additional training called “Try it safe” (“Vyprobuy u bezpetsi”) into the education programme of driving schools and specialized educational institutions. The key elements are: 
    • study alcohol influence on the body
    • educate on the consequences of drunk driving 
    • mimic alcoholic intoxication with Drunk Busters Goggles

Since the beginning of the project we’ve donated to our partners over 70 thousand sets of materials, which include lecture notes, video trainings and questionnaires.

Implementation of the Drunk Busters Goggles to the project began in 2017, as of now we have procured and donated to our partners 470 sets of googles, 100 pieces of which are still to be distributed among new participants of the programme till the end of 2020. Each Drunk Busters Goggles set consists of the pair of googles, vinyl mat, specially designed for the “Try it safe” (“Vyprobuy u bezpetsi”) training and printed materials.

During the fall of 2019 we also supplied 3 of our breweries with the sets of  Drunk Busters Goggles (2 sets for each brewery). With the donation of google to breweries we aim to raise awareness of the dangers of drunk driving among all visitors of our breweries. Now all participants of brewery tours have an opportunity to try on our Drunk Busters Goggles.

  1. Social marketing placed on public transport
    Transport branded with the message “Don’t Drink & Drive”.
  2. Offline social marketing campaigns and sponsorships
    Allow us to have a direct contact with our target audience:
    • Event sponsorship.
    • Activations in HoReCa.
    • Social campaign “Don’t Drink & Drive” on petrol stations during the Drivers’ Day
    • Installations in public places about the danger of drunk driving 
    • Project presentation for journalists, Police and stakeholders


  1. Since the beginning of the educational programme more than 250 driving schools all around Ukraine joined our project.  More than 50,000 future drivers have successfully completed the training and the number of correct answers to questions related to drunk driving increased by 25%.
  2. 470 sets of Drunk Busters Goggles were distributed to driving schools and the Patrol Police of Ukraine for interactive presentations on how alcohol affects human bodies.
  3. Branded public transport with slogan “Don’t Drink & Drive” (“Vypyv? Za kermo ne siday!”) released on roads of the biggest Ukrainian cities. Thanks to this social initiative the number of visual contacts only in 2019 amounted to more than 6 million.
  4. During the fall of 2019 we have provided additional information support for the project, focusing on kids going back to schools and urging drivers to be more vigilant on the roads.
    The results of the campaign – over 4 mln views on TV and almost 1 mln reach in social media.
  5. In September 2020 we have proposed to our colleagues from the Sales team (over 1 thousand people) to place on the back window of their cars a sticker containing a slogan “Don’t Drink & Drive”.

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