Digital literacy for elder people project “Smartphones vs. Gramophones”

Digital literacy for elder people project “Smartphones vs. Gramophones”


Period of implementation of the project:

May 2018 – July 2019


According to the statistics of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, 37.9% of Ukrainians aged 18-70 have digital skills below the basic level, and 15.1% do not have them at all. Older people are a particularly vulnerable group, as very often there is nobody who could teach them how to use smartphones and computers, and the information is difficult to understand and perceive. This leads to social exclusion and disadaptation in today’s digital society. The purpose of the project is to support social activity and adaptation of the elderly in the modern society by teaching the basics of digital literacy. The course “Smartphones vs. Gramophones” gave older people the opportunity to communicate with each other, to establish communication with young people and to improve their quality of life.


Infopulse hosted classes for members of the Life Lover Charity Foundation for two weeks. A course syllabus was specially developed for the project and included the following topics:

  1. Basic computer concepts
  2. Assignment of keyboard keys
  3. Internet: working with the browser, information retrieval, basic services
  4. E-mail: creating a personal account, correspondence
  5. Internet security: features of password creation and communication in social networks
  6. Working with smartphones: functions, operation, installation and use of mobile applications
  7. Skype: registration in the program, settings, contact search, video calls
  8. Facebook: basic concepts, publishing posts, working with Facebook Messenger
  9. Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram
  10. Youtube: video search, blogging and creating your own channel

Given the peculiarities of the audience’s perception of the material and the complexity of the material to master, classes were held at a calm, slow pace with frequent repetition of the studied material and multiple returns to the topics that were already covered. To ensure the project’s sustainability and sharing the information among target audience, the participants recorded short digital video lessons in which information is shared step by step and in an accessible manner. Video tutorials are available on the Infopulse Community YouTube channel.


The offline course was attended by eight 55+ year-old members of the Life Lover Charity Foundation. Ten classes were conducted within the course. 

Upon completing the course, the participants were able to:

  • independently find news, movies, music, books;
  • make purchases in online stores;
  • register mail accounts and own pages in social networks;
  • communicate with friends and relatives who live far away via video and in messengers;
  • monitor network security and avoid fraud;
  • properly save, copy and delete files;
  • understand the basic vocabulary of popular terms on the subject of computers and the Internet, and most importantly
  • to calmly acquire knowledge and surprise their children and grandchildren.

As part of the project, 10 short training video lessons with an average duration of 8 minutes each were recorded. A total number of views: 2,470.

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