Creating an efficient training system for municipalities in the cities where Metinvest operates to support their sustainable development. Master of Public Administration (MPA) Programme

Creating an efficient training system for municipalities in the cities where Metinvest operates to support their sustainable development. Master of Public Administration (MPA) Programme


Period of implementation of the project: 

September 2019 – May 2021


Metinvest systematically implements social partnership programmes in the cities where it operates, which are aimed at the development of social infrastructure, education, medicine, sport and culture as well as environmental projects. In 2018-2019, the Group invested over US$28 million in local community development.  

The challenges that Ukrainian cities face today require proactive, forward-thinking managers. Sustainable urban development requires both investments and highly knowledgeable, skilled and motivated professionals. While Ukraine suffers a major workforce shortage in this area, the educational programmes offered by the country’s colleges and universities are unable to fully bridge this gap. 

The programme aims to facilitate sustainable development of the cities where Metinvest operates by developing the professional competencies of municipal officers and empowering them to lead change, manage municipal budgets efficiently, attract investment, implement ambitious community and regional development projects, and, hence, improve the quality of life in their cities. And in turn, it will help to reduce the outflow of skilled professionals and forward-thinking young people who are the driving forces of development.


Master of Public Administration (MPA). The project is based at Donetsk State University of Management with the support of the municipality of Mariupol and Metinvest as part of a strategic partnership programme with local governments and city development funds.

An accredited MPA programme has been used as a basis and enhanced to meet the requirements and challenges of Ukrainian cities. This programme takes two years to complete and covers five cities in the east of Ukraine, where Metinvest’s key industrial enterprises operate.

This project covers a community of two million people: Mariupol (population of 500,000 people), Zaporizhia (750,000 people), Kryvyi Rih (635,000 people), Avdiivka (35,000 people) and Pokrovsk (65,000 people).

The programme was created in collaboration with Ukraine’s leading experts in municipal governance and aims to develop key competencies of municipal officials. 

For the programme, 30 young managers were selected from those who are involved in cross-functional decision making and shift from tactical to strategic roles in managing municipal projects. The programme consists of 14 modules. Priority areas were identified for each city and includes: the economy, investment, transport development, HR management, finance and budgeting, risk management, municipal services, architecture and urban planning, urban improvement and infrastructure development, social and regional development, corporate communications.

Graduates receive national diplomas. 

The programme also includes internships for participants in Ukrainian and European cities to share experience and learn about current best practices in order to leverage them in their cities.


The МРА programme offers students the opportunity to gain knowledge in the field of municipal governance, as well as to develop their leadership competencies, thereby building an effective talent pool for key positions in the municipalities of the cities where Metinvest operates. 

During the programme, students develop the most relevant projects (their thesis) for each city. Project topics are derived from the real needs of communities and the mayors of the cities covered by the programme act as the customers. 

Implementing the MPA programme will provide competent managers for municipalities in the cities where Metinvest operates capable of managing municipal budgets efficiently, attracting investments and implementing important strategic projects in partnership with businesses and non-governmental organisations in order to ensure sustainable development and improve the quality of life for their local communities.

Since the first year of the programme, 20% of managers undergoing the training have already been appointed to new positions with a wider scope of responsibility.

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