COVID-19 Response and #TogetherAsOne. EPAM Ukraine response to healthcare institutions crisis

COVID-19 Response and #TogetherAsOne.
EPAM Ukraine response to healthcare institutions crisis


Period of implementation of the project: 

2020, March-September


The project was created in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Ukrainian healthcare institutions were short on essential medical equipment to react effectively to the increasing positive cases. 

EPAM Ukraine and its partners decided to provide support by supplying oxygen equipment, PPE, infrared thermometers as well as the health insurance for medical staff in the Lviv region. We focused our attention predominantly on the institutions with the most urgent needs by creating an effective network for interactions with non-governmental organizations and professional communities to provide assistance and solve medical institutions’ problems.


The development of the successful project architecture with a 3-level system of interaction has become a solution to address each facet of the stated goals. 

  1. Ukrainian-wide level. Collaboration with the UNICEF International foundation for healthcare program realization The solutions required working with hospital networks across the nation. The risk reduction and management of the crisis on a national scale was modulated by this network of support. The fast flexibility of all organizations involved speaks to the solidity of our working relationships and dedication to the overarching mission of sustainable development.
  2. Regional level. Collaboration with professional communities. The priority was to work with IT communities via Ukrainian city’s IT Clusters by looking at high-risk communities, usually urban ones already the site of the IT employment opportunities, and truly embracing the maxim of ‘charity begins at home’. It was also an opportunity to take advantage of the communities familiarity with the local medical system and population as it related to risk.
  3. Company’s level. Conducting the fundraising #TogetherAsOne campaign among EPAM specialists for addressing local healthcare institutions’ needs. Fundraising through the company anchored teams to each other during a time when the 40000-strong company had gone remote in 3 days.Working together to raise money for the cities and country they loved working in was not just good for the community, but for morale. 


  • 12 partners (8 charity organizations and 4 IT communities) 
  • An internal fundraising #TogetherAsOne campaign aimed to help hospitals was executed successfully. Over 700 EPAM professionals contributed to the project. 
  • 15 specialists from different EPAM units were involved in bringing the project to fruition

Social results:

  • Project geography: 11 regions of Ukraine 
  • 52 healthcare institutions covered
  • 50 concentrators, 1059 infrared thermometers, 2367 units of consumables for oxygen equipment, 50 pulse oximeters, 1424 protective suits, 1769 protective masks and respirators, as well as protective gloves and goggles were supplied. 30,000 protective masks have been purchased for EPAM specialists in five cities. The oxygen routes construction in three Ukrainian hospitals were organized.

Financial results:

The overall charity cost reached 7,5 million UAH

On the Ukraine-wide level EPAM charity contribution in the partnership with UNICEF reached 5,5 million UAH

On the regional level in collaboration with local IT communities, the medical institutions’ support equaled 1,5 million UAH

EPAM professionals’ individual contributions within the #TogetherAsOne fundraising campaign reached 500.000 UAH

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About the company: 

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