Come On, Let’s Play!

Come On, Let’s Play!


Period of implementation of the project:



The main project tasks are:

  • to develop grassroots football in Ukraine
  • to promote gender equality, social inclusion and access to sports
  • to enhance zero tolerance towards violence and abuse in sports
  • to encourage more participants, girls, in particular, being involved in football activities 


  • Issues with sports infrastructure
  • COVID-19 consequences 
  • Gender stereotypes
  • Recruitment of coaches and kids in rural areas
  • Weather issues


The foundation is acting within 3 major Sustainable Development Goals – Goal 3, Goal 4  and Goal 5.

The foundation delivers free football sessions for more than 4 500 participants in 34 cities and towns of Ukraine. The sessions are conducted by Shakhtar Social coaches 3 times per week. One football session includes physical exercises, fun games, educational personal training aimed to develop well-being and physical health. 

the project’s activities are considered as an extracurricular activity in schools since the majority of football playgrounds are located in areas of local secondary schools. Some of the participants are involved in free football sessions during PE classes (school’s curriculum). The coaches and direct beneficiaries are involved in educational personal training (team’s discussions, etc.).

The programme is aimed to promote gender equality, enhancing the participation of girls in the project. The project’s main target – to have at least 10% of girls within all participants. The foundation in tandem with UNFPA Ukraine deliver media messages to the society to combat ‘gender stereotypes’, so parents would allow their children (girls) to participate in football activities. Since 2018 UNFPA Ukraine and Shakhtar Social did few promo-campaigns to support Women’s football in Ukraine.


Key facts

4500 regular participants in 34 cities and towns of Ukraine

240 kids with disabilities are regular participants

200 girls involved in project activities

500 socially disadvantaged children involved in the project from 8 frontline locations in Donetsk and Luhansk regions


The main project of the foundation ‘Come On, Let’s Play!’ was recognised as the best CSR social initiative in Europe among other football foundations (2019). Shakhtar Social received More than Football Award, established by EFDN, UEFA Foundation for Children and ECA.

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About the company: 

Shakhtar Social is a non-profit foundation established by FC Shakhtar in 2018 to implement the club’s social and charitable projects, as well as to develop children’s grassroots football in Ukraine. 

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