Children – Global Goals Ambassadors

Children – Global Goals Ambassadors


Period of implementation of the project: 

2020 – 2024


We realized that children in our current education system often struggle to link school knowledge with self-realization in real life. While searching for ideas that will inspire children to fulfill their potential in the big world, the team of teachers suggest applying the knowledge, skills and unlimited children’s imagination to solve the global problems of mankind. Key project objectives:

  • To unite schoolchildren and the world in solving common global tasks;
  • To encourage students to take the first steps in solving the global problems of mankind;
  • To show the importance of every small step for everyone to achieve the big goals;
  • To draw public attention to the Sustainable Development Goals.


Based on the objectives that we set, our team suggests integrating the activities aimed at broadening the horizons and understanding of the global world into the educational process. For this, we have introduced a variety of activities aimed at studying the planet and its features and analyzing the causes and consequences of various human activities and the impact of personal contribution to the overall structure of the world. As a part of the project, we have developed a gamified system “SEPIA” (Scientists, Engineers, Politicians, Influencers, Artists), in which children come together in working groups based on their strengths and develop competitive solutions to global problems. The results of the project are increased awareness of young people about the global problems of mankind (educational goal), student projects based on sustainable development goals (creative goal), and the environment that supports student-led innovation in modern schools (mentoring). Our ideas have already been embodied in several socially important projects and have far-sighted plans to integrate global ideas into applied implementation in school education for the benefit of the world. Our ideas have already been fulfilled in several socially important projects and we have far-sighted plans to integrate global ideas while applying them in the educational system for the benefit of the world.


Throughout the school year, children and teachers proposed and implemented projects to address the Sustainable Development Goals:

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About the company:

PRIMUS INTER PARES SCHOOL is a private secondary school of a new format in the city of Dnipro with unique opportunities for the comprehensive development of each child and helping to find their vocation.

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