Charity aid to hospitals to counteract coronavirus as part of the bank’s CSR program We Care!

Charity aid to hospitals to counteract coronavirus as part of the bank’s CSR program We Care!


Period of implementation of the project: 

March 2020 – till present


“Acting every day in the interests of our customers and society” is the raison d’etre of Credit Agricole. We make ongoing efforts to implement it and to support it with specific deeds.

Terms of reference. 2020 started with a new challenge for the society: COVID-19 pandemic that made Ukrainians to live in the lockdown mode since March. The situation was aggravated by lack of medical equipment or obsolete equipment in many base hospitals. That was exactly how we could help doctors counteract the pandemic and overcome its consequences. In particularly, in May 2020, Chernivtsi region became an epicenter of COVID-19 pandemic: here the incidence rate was one of the highest.  

Task. To help hospitals and patients overcome the coronavirus, acquire medical equipment, and, specifically, to provide comprehensive equipment to intensive care units of base hospitals where patients in critical conditions are rescued.


Credit Agricole Bank was one of the first to respond and as part of «We Care!» quickly supported those who needed it the most: health care institutions and their patients. The bank allocated UAH 6.4 million for purchase of medical equipment for base hospitals in Kyiv and Ternopil and for equipping the intensive care unit in the regional hospital of Chernivtsi. Three waves of charity:  

  • March: the bank purchased a lung ventilator (UAH 700,000) for Kyiv City Hospital No 17. 
  • April: the bank in partnership with Mastercard purchased medical equipment that costed UAH 1,100,000 for Ternopil Child Hospital and Kyiv City Hospital No 17. Those funds were used for purchase of a defibrillator, patient monitors, oxygen saturation monitors, and infusion pumps that help in case of critical conditions. 
  • May: the bank purchased medical equipment that costed UAH 5,000,000 for comprehensive equipment of intensive care unit of the Chernivtsi hospital. All devices required for intensive care were acquired: defibrillator, fiber optic bronchoscope, portable ultrasonic scanner, patient monitors (6 units), infusion pump, functional beds (3 units), controlled syringe pumps (6 one-syringe and 11 two-syringe pumps). The purchased equipment was produced by leading Japanese, German and Lithuanian manufacturers and recommended by Ukrainian doctors for its effectiveness. This charity project was the most significant in the history of the bank in Ukraine.


Thanks to the equipment purchased within the charity project, 331 patients already received medical care (as at 16 September, 2020):

  • 110 patients of Chernivtsi Regional Hospital
  • 162 patients of Ternopil Communal Children’s Hospital
  • 59 patients of Kyiv Clinical Hospital No. 17

The result of the charity project is the provision of necessary and high-quality equipments for hospitals in Ukraine, which are used in the treatment of patients with COVID-19 who are in intensive care. Our approach is forward looking: the equipment is not only required for COVID-19, but will also be used for many years to treat patients with other diagnoses.

Thus, we achieve the Goal No3 (“Good Health and Well-Being ”) and nation-wide subgoals No 3.3, No 3.5, and the global sub-goal No 3.3.

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Credit Agricole Bank is the oldest foreign bank in Ukraine. Operating in the market since 1993, it renders the entire range of banking services and is the leader of the Ukrainian car lending market, and the strategic partner to agribusiness. 

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