Biodiversity conservation through the support of expeditions of future ecologists

Biodiversity conservation through the support of expeditions of future ecologists


Period of implementation of the project: 

Since 2020 and up to date


Preservation, reproduction and rational use of flora and fauna is possible only if it is monitored and accounted. This is one of the tasks of environmental institutions of Ukraine and an integral part of the work of NPP “Pyriatynsky”. Also, science students need a lot of practice and direct work in the field of better understanding the disciplines they are studying, as well as possibilities of their future careers.


The annual scientific expedition allows us to solve both problems. Students together with the park and institute’s researchers, with Arzinger and Peli can live support during the expedition and keep records of planted trees of aboriginal species in the forests of the national park on the area of ​​30 hectares. Monitoring in wetlands and registration of birds in the national park is carried out. Funding made it possible to install a field shower, purchase optical equipment for bird watching, the necessary tools and reagents for scientific work, and significantly reduced food and transportation costs. Students insurance has become a new and important solution in terms of their safety during expeditions.


18 students, who will become ecologists or biologists in the future and will later start working in various companies, the public sector or in educational and environmental institutions, who wil take care of Ukrainian nature, took part in the 2020 and 2021 scientific expeditions. The materials collected during the expeditions provide more than half of the data from the Chronicle of NNP “Pyriatynsky”, which is the main scientific document that accumulates information on the biological and landscape diversity of the park and the processes occurring in its ecosystems. During the expeditions, more than 100 large trees were recorded, which host the high concentration of biodiversity and make the largest contribution to carbon conservation. The monitoring of wetlands of NNP “Pyriatynsky” was conducted, as they are the main component of ecosystems that are protected and make the greatest contribution to climate stabilization. The expedition also allows future ecologists to acquire the skills of environmental field-work, outside the university audience. Thus, future professionals have the opportunity to apply in practice in the national park the knowledge gained in the university audience. Over the past 2 years, the expedition has become the only way to overcome the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, while online learning does not allow young environmentalists to acquire practical skills.


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Arzinger is an independent law firm headquartered in Kyiv which has regional offices in Western and Southern Ukraine, in Lviv and Odesa, respectively. Arzinger for over 18 years has been among the legal business leaders providing high-quality legal support to clients throughout Ukraine. Among the firm’s clients are top representatives of international and local business.

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  1. Charity organization “Charity Foundation “Peli can live”
  2. National Nature Park “Pyriatynsky”
  3.  ESC “Institute of Biology and Medicine” of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv