Balanced Nutrition Education Project

Balanced Nutrition Education Project


Period of implementation of the project: 

2011-2020 (ongoing)


The project is being run in 20 different provinces of Turkey. Project team gather with the coordinators of the provinces participating in Project each year in the beginning of the academic year and share the latest information about adequate and balanced nutrition. There is a logistical difficulty in reaching teachers in many different cities before the academic year. In order to encourage the professional and personal development of teachers, a total of 2,000 teachers were provided with School-Based Basic Nutrition in Healthy Life training in the mentioned provinces. Online in-service trainings are planned for teachers for the 2020-2021 academic year.


Balanced Nutrition Education Project has been designed basing on the prevalence of malnutrition, the increase of obesity in the world, developing eating and drinking habits from early ages (childhood), and gaining knowledge and awareness about balanced and healthy nutrition in order to raise healthy generations. With these focus areas; it contributes to the target 2.1.1 Among the Sustainable Development Goals. 

The project, which is carried out to help primary school children develop healthy eating habits, emphasizes the importance of adequate and balanced nutrition for a healthy and long life. The project focuses on mainly “You can eat anything in a balanced way. All you have to do is learn how to balance it.”, explains how to create a healthy eating plate, and besides this, the importance of balanced nutrition is taught to children with the help of various activities. Training materials are generated according to the children’s needs by respected academics in Turkey. Educational materials are delivered to teachers every year in accordance with the class level and activity books are given to each student. 

In the 8th year of the project, all the children are encouraged to take physical activity. This includes 10-minute physical activity options that students will apply in the classroom every day. Students at the project schools start the day with fun exercises.


The project, which has been carried out at the primary education level since 2011, has been included in the pre-school and 1st grade since the 2016-2017 academic year.

  • Pre-school and primary school children in the 6-10 age group, parents, school administrators, and teachers are also the target audience of the project. 
  • The content of the Balanced Nutrition Education Project is renewed every year in accordance with the training program. 
  • The program includes informative guides for teachers, differentiated exercises suitable for children aged 6-10, interactive games, presentations that can be used by educators, food cards and posters. 
  • “Küçük Şefler Restoranı”, which conveys the main messages of Balanced Nutrition Education Project in a pleasant and immersive story in the 2017- 2018 Academic period, reached the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students in 500 schools where the project is implemented. 
  • For pre-school and 1st graders, Elif series books have been published both online and as audio books.
  • Over 6 million students have been reached with the project so far. 
  • iGrow – application has been adapted to the Turkish language and nutritional habits of the Turkish society. Based on the references determined by the World Health Organization, iGrow creates a growth curve according to the weight and height of children. Thus, families can closely follow the development of their children between the ages of 0-18.

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SUF is established in memory of Sabri Ülker, inspired by his philosophy. SUF keeps up to date with reliable institutions, platforms that are highly regarded throughout the globe. It is the only Turkish member of the European Nutrition Foundations Communication Platform.

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