Allianz Motto Movement (AMM)

Allianz Motto Movement (AMM)

Прапор Туреччнини

Period of implementation of the project: 

2018 – present


  • Healthy growth and development of children, aged 7-12, through sports activities
  • Enabling sports to contribute to their skills and attitudes, along with self-confidence, bonding, effective participation, character development 
  • Helping them develop life-long bonds with sports, by  physical education curriculum 
  • Featuring mixed-gender sports activities Caring mental and physical state of children in  means of physical activity, socialization and sports


    • AMM has been  developed by METU Department of Physical Education and Sports as a 16-week program containing 80-minute weekly content including outdoor and indoor activities, to be carried out with the help of volunteers at NGOs (TEGV,EÇEV,Koruncuk Protection). The outdoor activities focus on Basic Movement Skills, Athletics for Children, Gymnastics, and activities, like Korfball and Bocce, whereas the indoor activities covered physical activities to be carried out in small spaces, exercises, healthy diet, first-aid, empathy, self-confidence, leadership, sports culture and conversations with athletes.
    • The activities were designed to include sports, like korfball and bocce.
    • Prior to pandemic, free and public AMM street festivals were held twice yearly, in cooperation with Gazi University Faculty of Sports Sciences, under the coordination of Athletics Federation of Turkey IAAF Project Coordinator for Kids’ Athletics.
    • Upon the onset of COVID-19, the trainings were designed with remote education, and were applied with online synchronization, with the help of volunteers.
    • During pandemic digital volunteer training took place.During pandemic, in order to reach out to children without internet, TEGV EVDE magazine was created.
  • With the demand from the target audience in times of pandemic, video series were prepared in cooperation with METU Department of Physical Education and Sports and were publicly available via Allianz Turkey YouTube channel and the stakeholders’channels.


    • Since 2018, 2906 children from 21 provinces have participated in 16-week events.
  • In 25 provinces,limited internet access,80,000 children accessed AMM content via  TEGV EVDE magazine.
  • 622 kids took part in the festivals.
  • Between June 25 – September 29 2021, YouTube videos were 130.214 times viewed.
  • The participation rate in the program is 73%.
  • The satisfaction rate is higher than 70%.
  • Children’s “Basic Movement Skills” was observed to be significantly improved. 
  • Children stated that the program was fun, they were impatient about the activities,they would recommend the program to their peers, and they wanted to take part in similar programs.

Parents stated, their children were very happy and highly motivated.

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Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV), Aegean Modern Education Foundation (EÇEV), Turkish Foundation for Children in Need of Protection (Koruncuk Foundation), Middle East Technical University (METU) Department of Physical Education and Sports, Gazi University Faculty of Sports Sciences, Athletics Federation of Turkey IAAF Project Coordinator for Kids’ Athletics, Volunteers (volunteers from among Allianz Turkey employees, agencies and non-governmental organizations)