All-Ukrainian project «Mishechok»

All-Ukrainian project «Mishechok»


Period of implementation of the project: 

March – May 2020



  1. To provide conditions for development and self-realization of the personal potential of children and young in the ecological and environmental protection sphere.
  2. To bring up awareness of the importance of social responsibility among children and young.
  3. To popularize ecological culture and caring of the environment. 
  1. To involve children and young to take an active life position  in solving environmental problems.


The modern way of life has brought us huge household amenities and caused the global problem: we are producing an enormous amount of non-degradable waste. A big part of it is plastic bags. 160000 plastic bags are used every second. On average one family uses 15 plastic bags per one supermarket visiting. Plastic bag pollute the environment, when it disintegrates, microparticles leak in the soil bringing poison for plants. One way to prevent waste formation is to use recycling alternatives.


We should encourage students and young people to make bags (pouches) which will be an ecological alternative to plastic packing, contributing to the spread of ecological thinking and habits, used in everyday life, by informational companies, team and individual competitions.

As the project realization was at the period of the strict quarantine, all realization mechanisms were turned online.


In general, 8000 students and their families, 285 schools all over Ukraine have participated in the project. All in all, team participants, who had to apply, sewed 17429 bags. Also, every week in social networks winners were chosen in the individual for original work and creative approach. In individual competition, 608 contestants have taken part, who together have sewed 1012 reusable bags.

 Students became the driving force of fashion thrifty attitude to the planet’s resources. The project feature is that a big part of the contestants sewed bags by themselves, using old and useless clothes, thereby giving them a second life. Each bag created replaces 500 plastic bags per year. 

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Company: NGO «International Youth Movement «School Recycling World»

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About the company: 

For the last four years of its realization the pilot educational project of the separate waste collection «School Recycling»  works in 80 schools of three regions in Ukraine, taking as a basis the cities of regional significance, towns and villages. By joint efforts in everyday sorting and accumulation of secondary raw materials, a number of containers have been installed. 22000 students and their families have taken part in the project; 165 tons of secondary raw materials have been sent for recycling. All the involved financial resources have been spent on school needs of students.

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