All-Ukrainian charitable foundation “KRONA”

All-Ukrainian charitable foundation “KRONA”


Period of implementation of the project: 

March – July 2020


When Covid-19 came to Ukraine, it was very important to study the needs of hospitals and have an understanding of priority. There was no unified information from the Ministry of Health.

Unfortunately, our hospitals were not even provided with basic things – personal protective equipment. Due to the lack of protective clothing, the entire crews of doctors got sick. Moreover, they could spread the infection from the healthy to sick.

The lack of ventilators has also become an acute problem. Apart from their high cost, it was impossible to buy devices on the domestic market.


First of all, it was necessary to provide doctors with protective clothing. Thanks to the financial support of Carlsberg Ukraine, KRONA Charitable Foundation purchased about 8,000 protective kits, which were sent to hospitals in Kyiv, Lviv and Zaporizhia.

Medical equipment was also purchased: 3 ventilators, 10 oxygen concentrators, 5 patient monitors.

In addition, Carlsberg Ukraine supported doctors, vulnerable families, and the elderly by sending them kvass.


Medical equipment was purchased: 

  • 3 professional ventilators, 
  • 10 oxygen concentrators, 
  • 5 patient monitors,
  •  more than 8,000 kits of protective clothing.

Non-alcoholic products worth more than UAH 2 million were provided.

The total amount of funds allocated by the company to combat Covid-19 amounted to more than UAH 7 million. As a result, 12 hospitals received protective equipment during the period when protective clothing was missing, 3 hospitals received high-quality equipment, without which it is impossible to provide proper medical care.

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About the company: 

All-Ukrainian charitable foundation “KRONA” was founded in 2006 with participation of “NIKO” Group of companies. “Krona” is an accredited operator of the Ukrainian Charity Exchange.

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All-Ukrainian charitable foundation “KRONA”

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