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In Ukraine today used crop protection products (CPPs) containers are mostly dumped (in the forests or water) or reused to make counterfeits. These factors significantly increase the risk of environmental pollution and affect human health in a negative way. In all civilized European countries, this packaging is the subject to recycling or disposal. Thus, this project has brought together global manufacturers to introduce a European recycling mechanism in Ukraine. The project solves practical problems in the field of packaging (containers) usage.

The main goal of the project:

  1. To increase the level and volume of re-use/ utilization of used CPPs containers.
  2. To create effective logistics and communication on the market of utilization of the used CPPs containers.
  3. To develop practical mechanisms of cooperation between all stakeholders on the market of utilization of the used CPPs containers for their further implementation on the legislative level.
  4. To raise investment attractiveness of the market for launch of the new businesses for collecting, sorting, transportation, storage, recycling and utilization of the used CPPs containers.
  5. To create transparent and understandable rules for all stakeholders on the market.
  6. To raise the social responsibility of the CPPs users.
  7. To improve the environment by implementing effective and transparent mechanisms of collecting and recycling of the used CPPs containers. 


The project launches an online platform aimed at optimization of communication processes between the market players. It will also help to follow the container’s life cycle starting with the moment of the product’s use and ending with its transfer to the waste category for further recycling and utilization. This online platform will help the end-users (agro holdings, farmers, etc.) to fill in an online application for collection of used CPPs containers, then a licensee (the company that has a valid license to operate with hazardous wastes) will process the application and take action to collect, transport, store, recycle and utilize  used CPPs containers. 

The project provided approved criteria for companies dealing with hazardous wastes, in particular with containers. These criteria are divided into ecological, technical (dealing with technology of container recycling), transportation, as well as legal and reputational. Meeting these criteria will help to achieve a high level of quality of the service on container collection and recycling provided by the companies that carry out activities related to hazardous wastes.

Also, the project aims at fostering effective communication between the market players. 

As a result, the participating companies that are socially responsible will be able to provide a due use of the CPPs containers according to the European standards, while the state will get clear and transparent rules of behavior on the market of used CPPs containers, that with the time may become a basis for a brand-new legislation.


  • On August 28, 2020 the Project received permission of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine for concerted actions of the project participants.
  • In February 2021 during an open and transparent selection of the companies that will be responsible for collection and recycling of the used CPPs containers, two companies were chosen. These companies meet the set criteria as well as EU standards and national legislation on dealing with hazardous wastes.
  • On April 6, 2021 all participants of the project set an agreement and the official launch of the project took place.  
  • In June 2021 an online platform was launched. It helps to fill in an application for collection and recycling of the used CPPs containers.  
  • Currently the project is in its practical stage when the volumes of collection and recycling of the used CPPs containers are growing. 
  • Information campaign to promote the project is also in action.

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BASF is the world’s leading chemical company. BASF creates chemistry for a sustainable future.

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