A more dignified and healthier life for all

A more dignified and healthier life for all


Period of implementation of the project: 

2016 – ongoing


Create a better life and better future for all

  1. Help in the fight to end poverty
  2. Help in the fight to end hunger
  3. Provide a warm meal with better nutritional values for all citizens
  4. Food gathered with a call for action on Facebook and Instagram should be transferred to those that need it the most-homeless people; welfare recipients; poor people; people affected by fires, floods and other natural disasters; poor families that have many children as well as single parents 
  5. Provide a healthier and more dignified life for all the citizens
  6. Reduce inequality among people


In 2016 Adora Engineering and the Foundation Vancho Chifliganec, Ph,D., which was founded by the company, started a long-term project with the motto: No more hungry mouths, by providing a hot meal every weekend for the homeless people in Skopje. We supported the initiative Retweet a Meal, initiated by an informal group of young people which instead of posting pictures of food on social media, have launched an action of voluntary meal preparation and collecting and distributing food every Saturday at 12 o’clock in definite location. The meals, packed in boxes, were distributed to the homeless and poor citizens. The movement was joined by the NGO- True Acts of Kindness. Our goal is to give continuous support, not just a one-time aid, with regular preparation of 25 hot meals, every Saturday, throughout the years. The aim was for the project to have long-term sustainability, the organizers of these action to be constantly supported by the company by regularly providing and donating a full meal: salad, main dish, bread and fruit. During the floods in the summer of 2016 in Skopje and the fires following the next year, the project expanded with providing meals for the people from the flooded areas which have lost their homes and were then housed in institutions (FON University-Skopje) and sharing care packages with hot meals for the large Roma families which are living in substandard conditions, without a roof over their heads.


During the project, hot meals have been distributed to the homeless in Skopje, to welfare recipients, marginalized people and people affected by floods, fires and other natural disasters in Skopje and Macedonia. Also, donor actions were organized to distribute hot meals to the people that lost their homes in the floods of 2016 in Skopje and to the Roma population living without a roof over their heads, living in improvised homes around the Skopje fortress and the US Embassy in the Macedonian capital.

During 2019, within the project “More dignified and healthier life for all”, over 1,100 hot meals were distributed, and in 2020, by mid-September, over 1,100 /

In partnership with the NGO Real Acts of Kindness the company became a part of the initiative Retweet a meal. The mutual goal is to feed all the hungry people, food not to be wasted but shared with the people that need it the most. They also try to help hungry and homeless on a larger scale during the holidays like New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Easter etc. 

The long-term continuity of the project shows a clear vision that this activity should not be a one-time one or incidental,

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About the company: 

Adora Engineering is real estate developer, a leader in high-rise construction in Republic of North Macedonia, a synonym for quality and innovation. In the past 18 years of successful development, this construction brand has achieved an economic turnover of 300 million euros, investing in developing 300.000 m² net residential area, executing 40 representative residential-commercial projects, in which around 13 thousand citizens reside. 

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