National program of Morshynska Together for Nature – SAVE LYNX

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National program of Morshynska Together for Nature – SAVE LYNX


Period of implementation of the project: 



The main goal and big idea of the project — to stress attention to Red Book disappearing animals and plants and to call all citizens to action: to save ecosystem of unique Carpathian forests.


Creation of Non-standard Communication, choice of original marketing instruments to attract attention to the issue – generating creative ideas, infotainment in such serious question – such approach gives us the opportunity to receive good coverage, to engage opinion-leaders, celebrities etc. 

Collaboration with partners from another fields&spheres, promotion of Ukrainian art, 

Support of small business representatives and young talented artists, united and inspired by the same idea & principles of big aim – SAVING NATURE of Carpathian and the whole Ukraine


Total coverage increased 10 000 000 people

Crowdfunded money for buying of 20 photo-treps to fix the lynx in wild nature conditions 

Supported by Morshynska global research&monitoring.

3m high ICE installation in the canter of Kyiv – like a visual symbol of lynx disappearing.

Installation of LYNX SCULPTURE in Morshyn – small town – Morshynska place of birth. 

WWF Ukraine experts created first draft report of Lynx European Saving National plan.

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Company: IDS Borjomi Ukraine

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About the company: 

IDS Borjomi Ukraine – leading national natural mineral water producer of Ukraine, socially responsible company, expert in quality of Carpathian natural mineral waters. 

Morshynska – the biggest Ukrainian natural mineral water, born in Carpathian mountains – brand with strong eco-position in saving nature and Carpathian ecosystem.

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