Welcome, dear friends!

This year, we celebrated the fifth anniversary of the relaunch of the UN Global Compact Network in Ukraine. Today, we are proud that more than 100 Ukrainian companies and organizations have joined our network. And we are grateful to all of you for that! You report on progress in implementing the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals. You are a role model for other companies. Together with you, we are building an ecosystem of sustainability in our country, creating examples of groundbreaking innovative solutions that can change the world for the better. We learn ourselves and teach others. We bring our companies to the international level of achievement presentation in the fields of human rights protection, labor relations, ecology and anti-corruption. Together we are changing the image of the country from a third world state to a state with high human capital, innovation and protected natural resources.

In five years, we have managed to build a solid foundation. It’s time to get to the top. We have less than ten years left to reach the Sustainable Development Goals. This means that we could not continue doing business as usual. It is necessary to include sustainable development in the strategy and all operational processes of companies. It is essential to move together with the international community towards defining scientifically sound goals that can testify to true carbon neutrality.

Innovation is essential for us to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. We are proud of our partnership with innovative hubs and encourage all businesses to focus on finding new solutions to existing problems. With the support of breakthrough startups, a business could be turned into a model for the world. Moreover, supporting the ideas of personnel, employers could introduce significant business improvements.

Sustainable development is linked to leadership! We could easily work with the company when the manager understands and supports the sustainable development movement in his own company and inspires his employees. We could easily work when the company has a team of caring employees that want to see the meaning in their work and its positive impact on a wider range of other employees, the community and the country. Our educational programs – SDG Ambition, Young SDG Innovators, Target Gender Equality, Anti-Corruption Collective Action – help to reveal such potential among various categories of employees and to involve them in the creation and implementation of a sustainable business strategy. Dear leaders, your support is extremely important to us!

All our achievements would be impossible without my young and dedicated team! I am grateful to everyone for making the UN Global Compact in Ukraine a powerful driver of change. The first Uniting Business Live Europe global forum is ahead, and we won the right to host it at the global level. We are waiting for all participants and partners on April 5, 2022. We will report together on our achievements, demonstrate breakthrough ideas and forge new partnerships.

We are shaping a sustainable future! Let’s do it together!

CEO of Global Compact Network in Ukraine
Tatiana Sakharuk